This journey started more than thirty years ago, exactly on the 8th of june 1973, I opened yhe doors to the house of my parents in the name of "Patio Andaluz". With tha recipes of mu grandmother josefa, yhe delicate hands of my mother Natividad and my syster Fina, which from the beginning they gave a typical touch and traditional Sapanish taste to the food we offer.

The décor used was agricultural tools once used by my father, flower pots, plants and other objects, making small structural changes using a base of mortar and stone, giving a rustic look and a simple Andalucian Scene, but above all, our object is always to focus on the close cultura of our art to brother, friend and travelers to share taste, laughter, dance, happines anh gypsy singing.

All our ingredients and constant daily strengh and without rest for the years of experience gave the step by step to the alchemic transmutation, to this philosophic stone, named "Patio Andaluz".

Since the with the few changes the memories are all given with time but maintaining this particular scene will always stay with us.

Today as much as yesterday we will continue to offer our visitors a great selection of Spanish dishes, concentrating mostly on the care and variety of specialties and ingredients always oimproved by our chef, and the large clientele from many parts of the world.

Our menu selection understands diversity with dishes based on various meat such as iberic pork, beef, turney and ostrich, prepared to be grilled and accompained by delicious tasted or other selections depending on each personal taste.

We count on other exclusive specialties for our home like fish class ingredients, great presentation to the eye and palate, without forgetting our garlic rabbit, variety of paellas including vegetarian and the exclusive Basmati Paella.

Patio Andaluz a friend which day stregthens with love and raked with cordial wine, the service and professionalism offered greatly to our visitors and friends maintain happiness and unforgettable thoughts.

"Patio Andaluz", always at your service.

José Antonio Pérez Navarro